A critique of “… neither reveals nor conceals”

by Marcus Aurelius 

Should the ‘correct’ interpretation of “… neither reveals nor conceals” be at stake:

I. On Loxias

To me, “… neither reveals nor conceals” is a comedy of characters. It describes characters and through these it attempts to make a number of points and to inductively adumbrate particular social behaviours and trends which Loxias does not claim to be unique to where he lives. However I have the impression that “… neither reveals nor conceals” is perceived as an anti-Outpost narrative whereas it is just misanthropic (ok, I’m joking). What I really discern in it, setting the Outpost parameter aside, is the disposition of a person who lives in a small place. Still, the particular blog is not a piece of journalism, it by definition describes impressions, it does not deal in statistics.

II. Apollo rising

Having said that, Loxias sometimes has problems with his tone. He sometimes uses tropes and turns of phrase which may create the impression he is more stern and dogmatic than he means to. Having said that, once someone has read “… neither reveals nor conceals” for a long time, they become familiar with this fact and no misreadings are excused. Still, Loxias’ criticism is so detailed that it can be cumulatively perceived as a total, however concealed, rejection of all things Outpost. On the other hand, as I recall, Loxias has stated more than once that the problem lies not necessarily with the society around him, which after all possesses its own cultural norms and rules, the problem lies with him, who happens to find himself in a place he feels he doesn’t belong to.

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